Three Useful Features to Look for in a 4-in-1 Bucket

4-in-1 buckets are useful additions to any farm. These buckets can be used for a variety of tasks and fit a variety of machines. Just one bucket enables you to do a lot of jobs.

While it's important to buy the right size of bucket for your equipment and to choose a sturdy and long-lasting product, additional features make these products more useful. What's good to have?

1. A Grilled Hungry Board

Some products come with a board at the back of the bucket itself. Known as a hungry board, this feature adds capacity to a bucket. The board makes it bigger and able to hold more materials.

This board also helps protect the bucket's mechanism. It sits in front of things like hoses and cylinders and ensures that anything you're carrying doesn't fall back on to these parts.

If you opt for a board with a grill design, then you also get more visibility. You can see through the grill into the bucket. This helps you judge loading more accurately.

2. Side Grab Teeth

Some 4-in-1 buckets come with a small set of grabbing teeth at either side of the bucket's opening. These teeth come into contact with any materials you're dealing with when you operate the bucket.

These teeth are often useful to have if you're working on farmland. They give you some extra grip. So, for example, if you're clearing land, then the teeth help grab materials and put them in the bucket.

3. Bolt-On Accessories

While 4-in-1 buckets can do a lot of useful jobs on their own, they do have some limitations. For example, you may not be able to use a bucket to cut or dig on some larger or more complex jobs.

If you buy a bucket from a manufacturer that also provides bolt-on accessories, then you get more flexibility. These accessories usually bolt on to the front bottom lip of the bucket.

So, for example, you could bolt on a cutting edge or set of teeth. These are both useful if you want to use the bucket to dig, cut down undergrowth or even pull up small trees and shrubs. The beauty here is that you attach the accessory when you need it and simply remove it when you don't.

Talk to your agricultural equipment supplier to find out more about 4-in-1 buckets and their features. They can help you choose the right product and accessories for your farm's needs.